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Say goodbye to lost time, energy and turn your surplus food into additional revenue with Eat’s a Deal!

40% of all food in the u.s. is never consumed

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Our purpose is to revolutionize the food system to make a sustainable impact together with a simple solution.

Why Eat’s A Deal?

Restaurants & bakeries add deal boxes with food that is about to be wasted for customers to purchase at a discounted price. Customers access surplus food conveniently through the Eat’s A Deal app.

How it works

Increase sales, with additional revenue and less waste.

Reach new customers through our app.

What’s in it for you

Reduce food surplus.

Have a sustainable impact with minimal effort.

Become a zero-waste restaurant.

Have a positive impact locally, by being part of our community that strives to give back.

Improve your brand image and connect with customers who care about sustainability and supporting local businesses.

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